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Concerts in live-stream
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Exhibit R (music clip)

Songwriting(Text and Music): Rilli Willow 
Arrangement: Benedikt Bindewald 
Musicians: Rilli Willow (Singing), Benedikt Bindewald (Violin), Josa Gerhard (Viola), Johannes Severin (Violoncello), Sabrina Ma (Percussion) 
Sounddesign: Tristan Kühn 
Artworks by Ria Wank, Tape That, Hendrik Nater, Tobo 
Video (camera/cut): Benedikt Bindewald 
Thank you to artcaden Wilmersdorfer Strasse!




Rock’n’Roll Kids with Ivo Kanivo at Eurovision Weekend Berlin

Singers: Rilli Willow and Ivo Kanivo
Music&Lyrics : Charlie McGettigan and Paul Harrington
Violin&Backing Vocals: Benedikt Bindewald
Piano: Ivo Kanivo
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Rock’n’Roll Kids with Martina Bárta in AHA-Club Berlin

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I Am Not Your God (music clip)


OGAEvision contest

In the competition, Rilli Willow and Die Auster Bunny performed the first entry of Israel in 1973, the song “Ey Sham”, Music by: Nurit Hirsh Lyrics by: Ehud Manor.
Die Auster Bunny are the OGAE Vision Winners of 2017 >>


Die Auster Bunny Show im Theater am Goetheplatz in Bremen

Am 27.8.2016 – Theater am Goetheplatz in Bremen! Rilli Willow, Benedikt Bindewald, Hannah Craib ,Elisabét Iserte López.


Castle White:

Music & Lyrics: Rilli Willow


Habaitak von Fairouz:

Rilli Willow -Habaytak Bisayf   Cover by Fayruz Live


Regia Zmanit (in Hebrew) – Live

Music & Lyrics: Rilli Willow


Lavender –  Live

Music & Lyrics: Rilli Willow


Rilli Willow in Waldbühne Berlin