Auster Bunny goes Eurovision

In our Eurovision Show we arranged Greatest Hits of Eurovision into a show with our own setting: Rilli singing accompanied by three Strings 

Here you get a teaser of this show:


The annual “Eurovision Weekend Berlin 2017” hosted by OGAE Germany, ECG Germany and the ESC Fans Berlin, was held between 14-16th of July 2017 and included the “OGAEvision Song Contest”.

In the competition, Rilli Willow and Die Auster Bunny performed the first entry of Israel in 1973, the song “Ey Sham”, Music by: Nurit Hirsh Lyrics by: Ehud Manor.

Their version of the song was getting a new strings and voice arrangement and included a little mash-up with the violin playing the first bar of “Fairytale” by Alexander Rybak. It was the combination of classic eurovision song performed in a refreshing way and that brought Rilli Willow and “Die Auster Bunny” to take the win of the public votes and over-all winning the first place in the competition.

Watch this video from the OGAEvision Song Contest:

As part of the prize, the OGAEvision winners were invited to perform on the Eurovision Cruise 2017 in  Helsinki hosted by OGAE Finland and “Silja line”.

“Die Auster Bunny“ performed a programme of old and new Eurovision songs arranged for strings. They also opened the events of the cruise in a one hour show in “Hercules Bar” Helsinki.

Die Auster Bunny made it to the list of “prinz blog” of 20 artists who are recommended for representing Germany in Eurovision. Journalists Domink Rzepka from ZDFheute  wrote a wonderful article about us!


And we had a lot of people speaking for us!

2018, Die Auster Bunny performed at the Eurovision Weekend again, this time with Ivo Kanivo: