Album: Kitat Ro’im

“Kitat Ro’im” – the daily “firing Squad of Eyes” that are constantly watching you.  This is the main theme of the whole album and especially it’s first song. 

It’s basically about the feeling of any person who is standing and yelling to the world what’s in his/her mind.

And those who see and hear him/her might use their eyes to judge, and shoot back.

Listen to it here!

Although it’s hard sometimes to say what’s in one’s heart, and one might fear the response of those who are watching and listening, there is even a bigger fear. The fear that no one will watch. No one will hear and no one will see and listen to what one has to say.

Or listen here:

Cause you know? You were given a voice… and what if you used it and no one will hear? That is basically the self-search that you’ll find in the theme song of this album.

This album was recorded 10 years ago, in a small studio in Tel-Aviv. Myself – Rilli Willow – my co-writers and great friends Eyal Heller and Doron Sheffer, gathered pieces of our lives and our dealing with the life and love of people who only want to make music, to say something, with love.

With passion, and waiting to be heard.

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