About Die Auster Bunny

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”. – Albert Einstein

When a grain of sand transforms into a magnificent pearl.

When a situation in life transforms into a song.

When a bunny steps outside his winter and goes to look for the spring

When you embark on a journey…

“Die Auster Bunny”

singer-songwriter Rilli Willow and composer-violinist Benedikt Bindewald invite you to join them

Die Auster Bunny, Rilli Willow & Benedikt Bindewald

Rilli Willow & Benedikt Bindewald  are:
“Die Auster Bunny”

Our love to  music, diversity and each other,  has led us to combine it all: cultures, Languages, styles, original songs, cover versions and more… In every show we’re accompanied by different musicians and instruments, and always wish to discover more…

Die Auster Bunny are the OGAE Vision Winners of 2017 >>

Die Auster Bunny, Rilli Willow & Benedikt Bindewald

Benedikt  Bindewald

Benedikt  Bindewald is a Violinist, performer, composer, musician on peregrination.
Born in Frankfurt/M, grown up in Kalbach near Fulda, studied violin in Berlin and Bremen, currently studying composition in Berlin, played with Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, Bremer Philharmoniker, Ensemble Zwischentoene Berlin, Lunaire Quartett, Robert-Walser-Quartett(before: Lautlos-/Hodler-Quartett), Maulwerker and a lot of other groups, performed in Schauspielhaus Zürich, Philharmonie Berlin, HAU Berlin, Schauspielhannover and other less known wonderful places, loved/s to work with Ruedi Häusermann, Daniel Ott, Dieter Schnebel, Thomas Klug, Misha Bolourie,Till Wyler von Ballmoos, Younghie Pagh-Paan, Rilli Willow and all great people yet to become famous.
Created pieces such as PLASTIKFLUT (plasticflood), 48 hours NEUKÖLLN ECHT LIFE TELEVISION, and many others.
Currently joining forces with Ensemble New Babylon Bremen, Zwillings-Duo Bindewald and Trio Transmitter at the moment, sometimes takes his violin on hikes of the beaten track realizing that the best trail is essentially the fastest one.

Rilli Willow

Rilli Willow is a singer, composer,  actress and writer.
Winner of the “Ehud Manor prize in 2006 and 2009 for Israeli singing”. She has worked with Claudio Abbado, Zubin Mehta, Kurt Masur and Luciano Berio. She sang both German and the Isreali national anthems at the 2015 European Maccabi Games opening ceremony, held in Waldbühn, Berlin.

  • Performs and records her own personal materials, both in English and in Hebrew.
  • Participated in 2 documentaries for German TV.
  • Played a part it “Sutura”, a german production produced by “Kadmos”.
  • Member of the ” sphenoid – zeitgenössische oper berlin” – 2013.
  • Sings in Arabic, Yemeni and more..  Performs internationally her own original covers of Fairuz.
Die Auster Bunny, Rilli Willow & Benedikt Bindewald